Reason For Cancellation 
As we are always striving to meet and exceed your expectations, we will request the reason for cancellation. We will never attempt to invade your privacy, but we do wish to track the reason which will allow us to better serve our clients. We will use every reasonable effort to make the cancellation process quick and effortless. Call us at 757-716-3807 to cancel.


Address & Device Changes 
If you are moving and need to set up the service to a different address, you can email us at or call us with the new information. Also, when you relocate you probably will need to re-label your devices/zones as you may have different names associated with certain devices. For instance, if you had a smoke detector in your garage and your new house doesn’t have a garage, when you install the smoke detector in another area or room, we need to know this information for texting and possible Central Station dispatch. You may always call us, or even easier, send us an email.

Cellular Strength Issues 
If you are experiencing cell tower strength issues at your new address, we may need to change out the module to another carrier (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint & AT&T). The easiest way to do this is call us and we can perform a cell-strength test from our servers. Often, all that is needed is for you to purchase and install one of the high-gain antennas as they usually amplify the signal to the system (this antenna simply snaps into the cell module). If it is necessary to swap out the module to another carrier, you may need to purchase a new cell module. Just log into your account and purchase a new cellular module and we will select the appropriate carrier and ship it to you. It is quite simple to remove the old module and install the new module (remove two screws, plug in the new module, replace the screws, and plug in the antenna). Once you power up the Go Control, it should connect to the cell towers and our servers for proper communication. Once this occurs your time and date will be updated on the touchscreen. If you wish to send us back your old cell module, and it is in good working order, we will credit you $45. However, you will need to call and obtain an RMA number for tracking purposes.