Suffolk, VA

In May 2008, the City implemented sweeping changes to its ordinances pertaining to false alarms. At that time, City Council implemented a registration fee for all alarm owners, as well as service response fees for false alarms.


The goal of this program was to reduce false alarms, reducing response time and allowing police officers to be available to respond to legitimate emergency calls for service. The program is administered by a third party company, called Alarm Tracking and Billing Services.


This company has a proven track record for administering similar programs in both larger and smaller communities.

The City of Suffolk ordinance is the most comprehensive and innovative in Virginia, seeking to reduce false alarms at all points where they might be generated.


From alarm installers, alarm monitoring companies, and alarm owners, each have a role to play in reducing false alarms. The City’s ordinance was based on proven nationwide best practices and the first year of this program has proven to be a success.

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*Last updated June 16, 2014. We do our best to keep this website up date, but it is your responsibility to contact your city and register your alarm system.